10 Best Sit On Top Kayaks Of 2018


Kayaking has transformed to become one of the most sought after recreational activities in today’s times. It is the latest fascination that takes people paddling through vivacious waters as you catch glimpses of breathtaking landscapes, beautiful terrains and aquatic and wildlife. If you want to go for a leisurely ride or raft through dangerous waters, kayaks are available in plenty. So, you have...

13 Different Types of Kayaks


Of late, if you ask anyone about their latest fascination or their idea of a fun time, many individuals turn their heads to kayaking. Undoubtedly, it has grown to become a fun pastime and a thrilling recreational sport. Paddling through calm or lively waters as you sit in a kayak and unearth amazing terrain, fantastic landscape and beautiful views is an out-of-this-world experience. If you are...

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